Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mildred Childe Lee
Recipient: John Preston Cocke

I should like to see you Mr. Cocke in the positive you describe with your ambition & pride might too, & yourself writing under the winding sheet of Mortification - Just as I would like to see my thing now, or visit any place I had never been before - for where ever I have seen you, you have had a goodly allowance of both!

I always have thought, & still think, that there was a good deal of the Poet in you - & hope that at some future day you may be induced to show your poetical effusions - But you remember that the Disectic Village remained unheeded in a drawer for years, because Goldsmith was ashamed to show it? I <illegible> that has been the fate of many an illustrious price -

Now for the ride - dont you think we had better postpone it like some cooler evening? It almost breaks my heart to do this, but I think it would be best, for Agnes is still quite sick, & I would not like to leave her for so long a time -

I hear my chickens imploring me to come

You can see how heavily the <illegible> realities of life weigh upon me - no craving amid ambrosial flowers for me who has to wage a perpetual war against the big pig, the middle-sized pig - & the little pig!

Agnes sends her thanks for the delightful frozen cream,

Yrs truly
Mildred Lee


Lee-Jackson CollectionLeyburn Library

The letter's envelope is addressed to: "Mr Preston Cocke Oaklands."