Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Lee Fitzhugh Custis
Recipient: "My Dear Lucretia"

My dear Lucretia

I regret to say that I am not well enough to accept your kind invitation of tonight. It is a great disappointment to me as if my health permitted. I should enjoy the morning service - I hope by resting today I may be able to get to Church tomorrow - Do you know whether the communion is administered? - It was not announced at our church yesterday or Sunday as being incumbent - . Niether was it mentioned that there would be any coordination. Do if you see the Stuarts tell them I called once and they were out - I wanted to ask them if they were not coming out after Convention to make me a visit - I believe I will put a little <illegible> to <illegible> and ask you to give it to her at church so that she may stop and tell me tomorrow if I go, or continues <illegible> when she wishes to be next & as if I donot - There may be somebody going from here if I do not come in. Which I hope to be able to do -

Kind regards to you & remembrance To Rev Smith - You must let me make us a wish while it is <illegible>

M L Custis


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