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Arlington 2 Jany 1859

I must add dear Custis, my heart felt wishes for your happiness & welfare on this New Year, to those given by your Mother & Sister. May each return bring with it increased joy, & a richer harvest of wisdom & usefulness, than the preceding. I do not know that I can add anything to the information they have imparted & on domestic matters, for fear of repetition, will only express the pleasure I experience in having with me my “little horse”, who although somewhat grown is the same dear little fellow he ever was. I enjoy his Company infinitely & regret exceedingly that tomorrow will be his last day with us for this time, & when I shall see him again, is beyond the reach of my calculations. I hope & pray however that it may not be as long as I fear, & that he may want nothing during the interval that I can give him. I am much concerned my dear Son at the Continuation of your attack of rheumatism. I had hoped that it was produced by some exposure or imprudence, which care & time would eradicate, but its continuation & apparently increase alarms me. I wish you would Consult Dr McCormick, & ask him what you had best do. If he thinks the climate of California unfavourable to you, it will be good ground for an application to be relieved. I will speak to the chief Engineer on the subject. That will be better than getting a leave of absence. If on the Contrary he thinks the climate does not affect you, then you can do as you prefer. I wish indeed one of your young soldiers was stationed in this vicinity, that you might afford some protection to your mother & Sisters in my absence. I told you in a former letter that I had asked for an extension of my leave of absence in the hope that I might regulate matters more to my liking, but I fear I shall accomplish little in that way, & must leave many things undone. I think however some amelioration has been effected, & we at least enjoy at every storm the exclusion of the rain from the House & stable. I have just returned from West Point, where I was ordered on a Court of Inquiry to investigate a Complaint prepared by Lt Martin of the Engrs against Profr Mahan. It grew out of a paper presented to the Board of Visitors of 1857, prepared by Lt M, criticizing the Course of Engineering as taught at the academy. I suppose the action of the Court will in time be divulged. It was extremely unpleasant & irksome to me, & took me away at a time when it was important I should be here. I was detained so near the 1st Jany, that I had to hurry back to hire out certain of the people & could not stop in Baltimore as I wished, or do some little matters that I wished in New York. I do not find that matters have progressed in my absence. Indeed it has been raining ever since my departure, & for some time before, so that our winters work is much behind hand. I do not know when we can bring it up. I met Col Steptoe in New York & heard of Major Garnett, but had not time to go & see him. Everyone at W. P. inquired kindly after you. Three of your classmates are stationed there. Howard, Smead & Greeble. All married & all apparently have nice wives. Nearly all of the young officers have been Changed since my day. Remember me to all the McCormicks & all friends & believe me

always your father

R E Lee



Source:  Digital scan of original letter, The Papers of Robert E. Lee, 1749-1975, Rubenstein Library, Duke University

Transcribed by Katie Hall, 2018 June 27

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