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Richmond Nov. 23rd 1862

My dear Mildred, I have not written to you for some time, the days pass so rapidly they are gone before I accomplish anything. Mamma has gone down to Ingleside. I expect her tomorrow & will leave this letter open. As soon as she returns I will see if your box can’t be sent off & she will have to tell you about vacation. We have not yet any rooms Sister is still at Cleydael. Papa’s head quarters are a mile from Fredericksburg, but the town is not shelled yet. Cousin Julia has returned, bringing four wagon loads of things, so Stuart Lomax says who brought up some few of ours. A dress for Mamma, you & I. A nice merino for you & do you want a drape vail have you any use for it I mean for there is one you can have. Dr. Stuart is expected up with the rest of the things, but he may not be able to get up now. Mamma is having your calico made. Our poplins I am sorry to say don’t dye nicely enough to have them done. But as soon as your things come I will send them. Mamma has some sheets for you. I might tuck one of Annie’s skirts for you I will see about it. I hope you have by this time obtained keys for your trunks it would be too bad to have anything stolen. I can not now tell you Rob’s direction if you choose to send me a letter, I will in time forward it to him. I have been to Petersburg since I last wrote to you to have my teeth attended to, staid with the Harrisons, who were very kind. Mrs. Cross & Miss Jennie enquired particularly after you, & Mrs. Starke sent you a great many messages. Says she has thought of you very often & the Dr. too: & that she has sent to Berkely for her Jane Cat. They have sold B for $50.00. The Seldons at least Etra & Charlotte have gone to Charlotte C.H., they do not mention Carrie. They seem very much disappointed in the place; C says there landlady is a virago, & gives them the most dreadful dinners. I am glad you gave away your hood as you did, I will send you Annie’s white one bordered with purple. Have you had your cloak made, mine looks very nicely. If you have not, have it stitched on a machine turned up all around with one row of stitching. I hope you have written to Mrs. Jones, I have written to sister for your gaiter boots & everything. I think you will want. Annie Leigh is at Shirley, says the baby is getting very well. Mrs. L is here. Mrs. Paul & Mattie have been to see me, both looking very pretty. They asked particularly after you, & ask if you know one of your school mates Hart Cooke, who was a friend of Mattie’s here. I am sorry in that school too “the girls don’t speak,” & hope you will have too much self respect to indulge in such nonsense. It always seemed such an easy way to me, if a girl’s society was not agreable to another just to have very little to do with her, but always be polite & like a lady. You must be very careful what you say to any one as you have not a single old friend & all of your new ones are yet untried.  I am glad Miss. McKay is so kind to you, & hope she continues to be all you think her. I remember giving the water to her cousin or rather that guard very well. O I meant to tell you about Rob. The last time Papa saw him was at the battle of [words missing]

I have not made any envelopes yet will send them when I have



Source: Photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 408, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Katie Gibson, 2017 July 13  


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