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The Lee Family Digital Archive is the largest online source for primary source materials concerning the Lee family of Virginia. It contains published and unpublished items, some well known to historians, others that are rare or have never before been put online. We are always looking for new letters, diaries, and books to add to our website. Do you have a rare item that you would like to donate or share with us? If so, please contact our curator, Colin Woodward, about how you can contribute to this historic project.



Hdqrs: Fredg

27 March ’63


My dear Mary

I will not let pass the day devoted to thanksgiving to Almighty God for His mercies without holding communion with you. I know you will unite with me in fervent prayers for his manifold individual & national blessings. I wish I could be sufficiently thankful for all He has done for us, & felt that we deserved a continuance of the protection & guidance He has heretofore vouchsafed to us. I know that in Him in our only salvation. He alone can give us peace & freedom & I humbly submit to his Holy will. I have been able to take no part in the services of the day. My poor prayers have been offered in the solitude of my tent. Too feeble I fear to be heard or answered. I enclose the order for the day. The troops are not encamped near me & I have felt so unwell since my return as not to be able to go anywhere. I have been suffering from a heavy cold which I hope is passing away. The weather has been wretched. More unpleasant than any other part of the winter. The earth has been almost fluid & my tent even muddy. But the storm has passed & the glorious sun warming & drying us. We have our blankets out & tents up & a wonderful change has occurred in the ground & atmosphere since morning. I have recd your letter of the 20th & have distributed the socks & gloves accompy it. I send you a letter from Miss Kitty Stiles which has come to me. I should have liked to have read what she said, but her hand is so pale & fine that I will not make the effort. I send you also a pair of gloves. They were knit by a pretty little lady at the South & I think you who have given so many to the army are entitled to one pair. I also send Mr. Caskie an English paper, & a speech at a Convention of Coloured Gentn by Mr. Cole to shew what a sensible view was taken of their interest in the present war. The commencement of the proceedings was torn off, but they appear in a Baltimore paper. I am very sorry for poor little Agnes’ attack. I fear it originated in her ride that story night. See what suffering her papa brings on everybody. I am glad Mildred is alive & hope she will derive the pleasure I enjoyed in the study of Astronomy. I think it afforded me more pleasure than any other branch of study. I am glad that Parks has been heard from. Harrison is on a farm of Maline to whom he was hired. I have written for him to be sent to Mr. Eacho. Please inform Custis. I am sorry to hear of Reuben’s death. Seanthe & Jim can remain with Mrs. D. this year if they choose & receive their wages. I do not send the pillow case for it is pretty good. Broken but a little & answers well. The other is a great comfort to me. Genl Hooker sent me yesterday the account of the death of Genl Sumner. He died at Syracuse after a week’s sickness from a cold. Col. Long is now with Mrs. L[ong] & I sent it to him.

You must give much love to everybody & believe me always yours

R E Lee        




Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L 51 c 441, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 April 13



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