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171. Richmond St.

Cincinnati Ohio /

5 Sep 1887.


My dear, Sir Robert.

I brought the boots with me and will express them from here to you or to Paris as you wish please let me know I was just on the point of writing to you when your letter came.

I would do any thing for you or the memory of other days and our great Hero. But I am disgusted at the rank injustice and miserable chicanery of those concerned in this monument business which is very likely a business with them. The idea of allowing a stranger to make a new model outside of the competition after the competition was over—a man whose model in the competition was a failure in every sense, & to ignore my right & expressed desire, to make a new model for them, is an injustice to me that alienates me to all time from any thing., connected with our home.

I can never root out my old memories but, to have my letters to Miss Randolph remain unacknowledged, my telegram to Gov Lee likewise—& my letter to Col Anderson ditto—makes me feel that I am the subject of some miserable plot to oust me from the only work that my heart was entirely in. I always knew that Miss Randolph was my prejudiced enemy, and still I hoped that her trips to Paris might have been compatible even with the fact of fairness and justice in an open competition.

I saw a young man modelling on a Bust of your father in Mercie’s Studio when I passed through Paris and I saw the wax model upon which he got the commission it was evident to me, how this whole job was broken up. I came home to see my folks but I never expect to see my birthplace again. I have buried my hopes in the grave of our lost cause, and will never forget your own kindness towards me nor that of your great father & mother, whilst I shall always curse those who have brought injustice in their names.

As ever yours truly

M. E


Sir Robert E Lee


West Point




Source: Photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 g, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Katie Hall, 2018 July 19

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