Head Quarters Lee’s Division

Cavalry Corps, Army Northern Virginia of Valley,

Feb 4 1865


You were so prompt in your advice about the last enclosure my dear Mildred that I send you another asking again for your sweet assistance and advice.

It will be perceived that your grandfather bought a salve from Capt. Massie which was captured in 1778 and that Capt M’s grandson old Mr. Massie wants to know what has become of it? Please see my father and yours nay even our unmilitary Uncle Carter and the Lees generally and have the salve hunted up. Mildred it does not become us too, two poor little grandchildren at this day in the midst of another and greater war to canvass & discuss the mighty deeds of our ancestors in the last. Still Mildred Oh! suppose our grandfather did not pay Capt Massie the “two half p’s”

I confess Milly it looks a little suspicious to see such anxiety displayed in 1865 about a salve captured in 1778.

Have you got a half p? I wonder if one of those little tobacco medals would’nt do? And then too what right was inserted in the letter. Captured property is Government property, and how could our grandpapa buy Gov: property. Oh Mildred I fear he did wrong. The subject is too painful to pursue farther. Already I feel as bad as “poor little broken down mouse” when bestrided by the soldier who if he is limited to one virtue “it is his close attention to his duties.”

Love to all & find the salve or send me “two half p’s” or a tobacco medal

Yr affect: cousin Fitz




Source: Checked against original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 566, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 March 20