Fort Riley, Kas.,

January 7th 1913.

Dear Daisy:

I received a postal from Miss Fannie Miller the other day, and she said that you were at the Richmond Country Club, so I thought I would ask you when you were coming to me and cook me some scrambled eggs like you used to. I wish like the divil I did have a lot of money and could have you, so that I knew when I came down late some Sunday morning, I knew that all that I would have to do was to call ‘Daisy’! And know that I would soon have some nice hot scrambled eggs and waffles and cakes and syrup and coffee and herring and toast and kidney (Oh! Daisy, do you remember my kidney stews?) and several other things, I can’t remember what they all were now.

Mother is in the Philippines; I just received a letter from her the other day, in which she said she was in fine health and so was Ellee and Anne (Mrs Rhea and Mrs Brown). They will be over there for about a year longer and then come home. Miss Virginia (Mrs Montgomery) has just left London for the Philippines by way of the Suez Canal; will arrive in the Philippines February 14th.

Captain Lee (Mr. Fitzhugh) is in the Philippines; Mother lives with him, although at present she is with Miss Ellee, in Manila.

Some day when my ship comes in, I am going to have you with me, and Sylvester as my chauffeur. If you ever see Miss Miller, give her my best love. Mrs. Lee (who is the finest little creature that ever lived, (Wait ’till you see her), says she is waiting for ‘Daisy’; she has heard so much of her, she would like to see her. Good Bye Daisy; give my love to Richmond.


                                          Your friend

                                                       Mr. George Lee





Source: Mary Ball duPont Library, Stratford Hall


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 May 11