Capt. C. J. Leigh




Lexington, Va.,

10 Nov., 1873.

My Dear Captain:

I received some days ago a letter from my sister Mary, written from Leamington under date of 16 Oct. last, which enclosed an excellent photograph of yourself for my mother, who was much pleased with it, and gratified at your Kind remembrance of her.

You have probably heard before this time of the death of my sister Agnes, as my mother wrote to my sister Mary about it the day it occurred, 15th Oct. You may possibly have heard also of the death of my other last Wednesday night (5th inst.). Her rheumatism had been increasing up to the time of Agnes’ death, and, after this (to us) very sad event, continued to increase, while her general health, from the effects of her disease and the shock occasioned by my sister’s death, gave way. My brothers Fitzhugh & Rob arrived here more than a day before my mother’s death, but she did not recognize them, nor indeed any one, so far as we could determine. I can not write more on this subject now, my dear Capt., nor would I have attempted to write on it so soon, except for the chance of my sister Mary’s not having yet sailed for this country. If she has not, and would like to remain in Europe until next Spring, she has the means of doing so, and must exercise her own pleasure & judgment whether to remain or come. With much love to Annie, the children & yourself, I remain very truly yours

G. W. C. Lee