Stratford April 30th

dear sir

Yr favor of the 10th Feby I have. I apprehend many of my letrs to you have failed as they remain unanswered.

When the papers in Philada were put into yr hands you agreed with me to hold them till complete payment was made. Under this safely as I considered have I proceeded, & now I find that you fear more delay if not final disappointment. My proposition which you say has been rejected was made with the hope of closing our business.

I remain willing to abide by that proposal. to take back bonds subject to their redemption would not suit, for I wished to have sold the same the moment I recd it, for the purpose of procuring money long due & much wanted.

W. Hopkins wrote to you on the subject of the N. C. paper – 5/ on the pound is the most I learn obtainable for that paper—It seems to me right that you should w[ith]hold as much of the land as will secure to me payment of the ballance due & such a suggestion on yr part while entirely proper, I presume will succeed—I mean by Ballance to include Herschel’s note.

I pray yr continued attention to this troublesome business to yrself vexatious to me irksome & injurious. Wishing you every happiness  I remain yrs truly

                                                                                                   H Lee

Our elections to Congress give 10 (out of 18 members) supporters of govt as I hear, nine certain—among them Marshall & myself.



Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.102

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