Copyright 1918 by G. T. Lee

America’s Vision

A Message to All Freeman of Every Name and Clime

     I looked o’er all the earth, and I beheld
A land both large and wide; and forth I sent
My sons to build a home and altars high
For Liberty, where boundless forests wild,
And untamed wilderness rich treasures held
Within their depths, and Freedom’s gracious air
Breathed o’er her vales and rugged mountain tops.

     Hard was the way, and dire the battles fought
‘Gainst death, disease and savage beast and man;
For Freedom’s path doth lead through dangers vast.
But still my sons moved on, and then I saw
A nation born amid the throes of war,
And heard its people cry, in clarion tones,
That rang the earth around, with rising swell:
“All men, in law, are equal born and free;
“And governments no right to live can have,
“Save by the voice of those who governed are;
“That of and by and for the people all
“Each government must stand, or it must fall!”

     My heart grew glad, for this was Freedom’s voice,
Proclaiming loud, with trumpet sound, the law
Of Him, who first the right of freedom gave—
The Lord, who taught the fatherhood of God
And brotherhood of man, granting to all,
As Sons of god, forever to be free.

     I looked and saw throughout the world a light
In radiance grow and shed its rays abroad—
The light of Liberty, which unto men
Brought hope and cheer and aspirations high,
And sent new thrills of life through human souls.
But some in darkness groped, and some mistook
The voice of license for fair Freedom’s call;
For time, and ripened thought, and purpose high,
And principles of equity and right,
Alone can lead a nation’s feet along
The road that leads its steps, in righteousness,
To that high plane of liberty and peace,
To which, as sons of God, men may aspire.

     O’er all the world my light is beaming bright.
Though war alarms and battles try our souls;
Though cannon’s roar and thunder shake the ground;
Though flashing sword, and bursting bomb and shell,
And singing bullet, all shall tell of pain,
Of wounds and death; the coming dawn shall see
The world man new; For I shall show the way
Of freedom to all men—all are my sons,
Of ev’ry clime and tongue, who hear my voice
And work the works of love and truth and right.
And from my heart goes forth a hymn of praise:
“The Lord shall give us peace,” so let us sing:

     Jehovah-Shalom [hymn]

1. O, God, our Father, bless our land, Upheld by Thy pro-
tecting hand; As children of the living God, Lead us the
way Thy saints have trod; Let all mankind Thy glory see.
Reflected in our works for Thee; Help us to keep Thy laws di-
vine, And all the glory shall be Thine.

2. O, God, our Savior, by whose birth, God came and dwelt as
man of earth, Revealed to us His wondrous plan And taught the
brotherhood of man, Let all in us Thine image see.
Keep us from sin and envy free, So shall Thy presence ’round us
shine, And all the glory shall be Thine.

3. O, God, the Spirit, Holy Guide, Light Thou our way with
us abide; Give us Thy wisdom from above, Which teachers
righteousness and love, Grant that we may Thy helpers be
In the great cause of liberty; Let Thy inspiring presence
shine Around us, and the praise be Thine.

4. O, Triune God, enthroned on high, With heart and voice to
Thee we cry: “Make us, Thy people, we implore, Help us to
love Thee evermore, “And love of man for man impart
“To ev’ry throbbing human heart: “Thine everlasting arms en-
twine “Around us, and the praise be Thine!” Amen.

     I looked again, and in the land I saw
Corruption’s seed begin to grow and thrive;
And selfishness, the curse of mortal man,
Stalked far abroad and followed gods, all false,
Foul mammon’s god, ambition’s god, and gods
Of gain and flesh, and many idols strange
To our own God, the Father of all men
Who walk in freedom’s strait, but ample, way;
Forgetting that eternal vigilance,
As their forefathers taught, to do the right,
Is the full price of lasting liberty.
Then, in my heart, I asked: “What curse shall fall
“Upon the world and open wide the eyes
“Of my loved sons and lead them back again
“Into the paths their noble fathers trod?”

     I looked again, and there was war, dread war,
In far-off lands; the mighty roar of guns;
Where savage hosts swept on, and cities blazed,
And women wailed, and stricken children screamed,
And ravished wives and maidens cursed the day
That gave them birth, and men, in agony,
Fell down, in death, beneath a ruthless sword.
The mother, sleeping in her bed, her child,
Held in her arms, mother and child struck dead
By felon stroke, dropped from the upper air
Upon their peaceful home, and for no cause,
Save that which all barbarians have at heart:
To fill with dread and terror ev’ry soul
That dares defy the hosts of barbarism.

     Upon the waters of the sea, I saw
Great ships go down beneath the briny wave,
And, on old ocean’s top, the struggling forms
Of woman, man and child, the wounded and
The sick and feeble ones; all, by the laws
Of God and man, immune from such dread fate,
Victims of the under-sea assassins.
I hear them cry a cry that goes to God,
While angels hid their faces from the sight,
And freemen, throughout all the world’s expanse,
Cry, shame, and loathe the brutes that do such deeds.

     I looked again, and saw in far-off lands
How Christians fell beneath the bloody swords
Of infidels, slain for the name of Christ,
While Christian nations, so in name at least,
Stood by and gloried in the sacrifice,
And called the perpetrators of such crimes
Their noble allies and brothers in arms;
While hunger, nakedness, shame, poverty,
Persecution, destruction, burning homes
And streams of blood called to God for vengeance.

     Jehovah’s Call [hymn]

1. Jehovah’s call! It goes to all The world both far and nigh.
Amid war’s doom of death and gloom, We hear a mighty cry:
Come, all ye nations, come in war’s array, Mar-shal your armies and haste to the
fray; Sin and his hosts ravage hill, plain and sea, Souls of my martyred ones
cry unto me: “How long, O Lord, how long?”

2. Like trumpet sound, it rolls around The earth with rising swell;
God’s stern demand of ev’ry land To stem the hosts of hell:
Come, all ye nations, come in war’s array, Marshal your armies and haste to the
fray; Sin and his hosts ravage hill, plain and sea, Souls of my martyred ones
cry unto me: [“]How long, O Lord, how long?”

3. From out the ground, with solemn sound, Our brothers’ blood doth cry,
And bids us hear, with heart and ear, The mandate from on high:
Come, all ye nations, come in war’s array, Marshal your armies and haste to the
fray; Sin and his hosts ravage hill, plain and sea, Souls of my martyred ones
cry unto me: “How long, O Lord, how long?”

4. Hark to the call, a holy call to arms for God and right,
Come, all ye nations, come in war’s array, Marshal your armies and haste to the
Come, all ye nations, come in war’s array, Marshal your armies and haste to the
fray; Sin and his hosts ravage hill, plain and sea, Souls of my martyred ones
cry unto me: [“]How long, O Lord, how long?” “Avenge us, Lord: Amen!”

     My spirit cried: “How will my children hear
“Jehovah’s call?” But there was no reply;
And so I watched, and, as I watched, I saw
That charity was topmost in their hearts;
And of their means, unstintingly, they gave,
And nobly sent their daughters and their sons
To heal the sick, to feed the starving ones,
The naked ones to clothe, in far-off lands,
And so approved the brotherhood of man.

     And then my heart, grown proud, exulting cried:
“Behold my children’s deeds! The vision grand
“Of Liberty is bright before their eyes,
“And in their hearts is grafted deep and strong,
“And is become again their guiding light!”
Then came a voice, which, in stern accents, said:
“Dost thou exult? Thy children have done well,
“But have they yet done all that God demands
“In answer to His call? Wait, thou, and see!”

     I looked abroad, and in my land I saw
The lights of flames ascending to the clouds,
While factories, and stores of golden grain,
And things needful for life to ashes fell.
I heard the burst of bombs, saw vessels sink
Beneath the wave, and buildings rent to shreds
Fly through the air, while human bodies torn,
Rent limb from limb, more horrid made the sight.
And in the workman’s homes, where mothers sat,
And wives and children waited the return
Of those who earned their daily bread, I heard
The wail of woe, the sigh and cry of grief,
The moan for those who never more would come
To cheer the home and give it light and life.

     I saw the plotter and the spy abroad,
And in the land were those who came as guests,
To whom my people only kindness showed,
Yet who, with traitor heart and Judas kiss,
In secret sought my people to betray
And bring upon my shores the curse of war
With those for whom we bore the hearts of friends.

     My heart grew sad, and yet ’twas filled with ire,
For then I saw the Beast had set his fangs
In my own land. And this was war, yes war,
Waged in our homes; the subtile traitor’s war,
That smiles upon the face, and clasps the hand
In friendly grasp, while in the trusting heart,
With felon stroke, it plants a hidden sword.
Yes, in my land, there raged a secret war—
A war of roaring flames, of bursting bombs,
Of gold and bribery, of plots and lies,
Of schemes to bring upon our peaceful land
The curse of war with those whom we called friends;
To blind the patriot’s eyes, corrupt his soul,
And deal a blow of death to Liberty.
So, then, I chanted to my children all,
While angel voices joined me in the song:

     Freedom’s Hymn [hymn]

1. Hear, O Freemen, hear ye the call of Freedom ringing
thruout all The world, like solemn, pealing bells A call which
peace on earth foretells. Fling out your banners, arm ye for the fight,
Forward to battle for God and the right: Onward, march onward, ye sons of the
free, For God and country and liberty.

2. Rise, O Freemen, rise in your might: See, flaming high, the
beacon light Of liberty, God’s Holy Word, The Christian’s
armor, shild and sword. Put on that armor and gird on that sword,
March to the ‘fray gainst the foes of the Lord: Onward, march onward, ye sons of the
free, For God and country and liberty.

3. Strive, O Freemen, strive for the day When tyranny shall
pass away, When love shall rule each hart and mind, And righteous-
ness shall rule mankind. On to the conflict, let your hearts be strong
To strive for right and to cast down the wrong: Onward, march onward, ye sons of the
free, For God and coun-try and liberty.

4. Fight, O Freemen, fight ye to win The victory o’er
hell and sin; Be of good courage and be strong, For ye shall
sing the glory song: “Rejoice, all nations, rejoice ye and sing,
“The Lord hath triumph’d, The Christ, He is King!” Onward, march onward, ye sons of the
free, For God and country and liberty. Amen. Amen.

     My people heard, but there were some so foul,
That, in their little souls, love for their land
Was dead, and still is dead; who sordid live,
And, like the leech, would suck the blood of life
From out the veins of fellow citizens,
And profit make upon their country’s needs.
And coward slackers hide their coward heads
Behind a screen of lies, and sordid men
Refuse to help the cause, and misers vile
Hide gold away, and traitors ply their trade,
And foolish advocates of God-less peace
Live in the land, and know not that the Beast
Must, with his hosts, be crushed to save the world
For God and for the truths taught by His Christ.

But these are few, when all compared with those
Whose hearts and hands are turned to save
The world for God, and man from tyranny.
God pity them, for they must bear for aye
The stern contempt of God and Freedom’s sons.

     But then I saw a picture bright and grand:
My people, looking on their country’s sky,
Saw written there: “Your land in danger stands,
“Your liberties are in the balance hung,
“The vision of your fathers faces death:
“Arouse ye to the task to save mankind
“From hell’s dark brood, led by the Beast of War!”
And, now, I see upon the tented plain
Hosts of my sons, in panoply of war,
Trained for the battle’s front, while their strong hearts
Beat high with courage to endure the stress
Of conflict in the cause of right and truth.

     And o’er them I uplift my mother-hand;
And hear, all people, hear my solemn words:
“God’s curse on him, who casts one little stone
“Upon the pathway they must treat, to stay
“The even stepping of their feet, and may
“God bless the hand that gives them help and cheer!
“God’s curse on him, who lifts a hand to hurt
“The cause for which they bleed, But may He bless
“Each sacrifice to help and do them good!
“And know, my children all, that howe’er great
“The sacrifice, so great will God bless you!”
And, as I cease, methinks I hear a shout
Of millions, giving forth a loud Amen.

     Through all my land the love of country spreads,
And patriotic fire burns in the gentle breasts
Of womankind, and bright-eyed children cheer
My soldiers on the way, and church-bells ring,
And prayers go up to God for victory.
And toilers in the shop and on the farm,
Toil for the weal of my embattled sons;
While my loved daughters brave the front of war,
To tend the hurts and ills, and watch the beds,
Of wounded, sick and dying, friend and foe,
And risk their lives to serve the cause of God.
And serve the cause of human liberty.

     The Star-Spangled Banner [hymn]

1. Oh, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, What so proudly we hailed at the
twilight’s last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight, O’er the
ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs
bursting in air, Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there: O, say, does that
star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

2. On the shore dimly see thro’ the mists of the deep, Where the foe’s haughty host in dread
silence reposes, What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep, As it
fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses? Now it catches the gleam of the
morning’s first beam, In full glory reflected now shines on the stream: ’tis the star-spangled
banner: oh, long may it wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

3. Oh, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand Between their lovd home and wild
wars desolation; Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the heav’n rescued land Praise the
Pow’r that hath made and preserved us a nation! Then conquer we must, when our
cause it is just, And this be our motto: “In God is our trust!” And the star-spangled
banner in triumph shall wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

     But will God lead us on to victory?
Hear, then, a prophecy from His own Book:

     And I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse, and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness doth he judge and make war  *  *  *  and his name is called the Word of God. And the armies which are in heaven followed him upon white horses  *  *  *  And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And I saw the beast, and the kings of he earth, and their armies gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his armies. And the beast was taken and with him the false prophet.  *  *  *  And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth.

     Know ye not, therefore, that the Word of God
Is riding forth to battle for the right,
Bringing to your help His armies mighty:
The Spirit’s breath, breathed into your own souls,
And all those forces moving from the Word;
Emotions, longings and aspirations,
Which knit men to the Word, and give them strength
And courage high, and lead them ever on,
Though battles rage and death holds carnival,
With dauntless souls, to victory:
Can soldiers of the Word yield to the Beast?
Can hell prevail against the hosts of God?
Can swords, unsheathed for right, yield to the wrong?
Can freemen quail before a tyrant’s frown?
Nay, nay! Be soldiers of the living Word,
And He will breathe into your inmost lives
Of His own life and strength, and nerve your hearts
To do and dare and conquer in the fight.

     The patriot’s soul knows not the fear of death,
When balanced in the scales against the life
Of Liberty; and freemen reck that naught
Of sacrifice can be so great that they,
To keep their homes and their loved country free,
Will not give all in such a holy cause.
But, high above the love of home and land,
The love of God should fill each heart and mind;
For, with that love, the hero’s valor burns,
And, by that love, he dares each danger’s frown.
And, at the end of life, stands love’s own God,
And, in His hand, He holds His servant’s crown.
And, in the battles raging now on earth,
The Spirit leads the way, and fervent eyes
Can see the sword of truth and righteousness,
The Word of God, proceeding from His mouth,
And waving o’er the hosts of Sin and Hell,
Cheering His soldiers through the battle’s day,
And pointing to a crown beyond the grave.

     And, in the skies, the eye of faith can see
A banner, borne by an Archangel’s hand,
Float o’er the hosts of freedom and of right,
The Word’s own banner bright, the Holy Cross,
Which sheds its rays to earth’s remotest bounds,
While through the world the triumph song resounds.

     The Cross [hymn]

1. See, the gates of heav’n are open wide, And the King, all glorious
Comes, with righteousness, to rule mankind, Over sin victorious.
Faitful and True His name is called, And Word of God, The Most Hight,
With His bright banner spread before Him, Floating proudly in the sky.
And the hosts of sin are backward hurled, As the Holy Cross goes ’round the world;
High that banner waves, o’er all unfurled, The Cross of Christ, the Lord.

2. Lord of Light and Sun of Righteousness, Jesus leads us in the way
Unto love and peace and blessedness In God’s great and happy day.
And o’er the earth His light shall shine, His might and grace supernal,
Shall lift His banner o’er all peoples, Leading to life eternal.
And the hosts of sin are backward hurled, As the Holy Cross goes ’round the world;
High that banner waves, o’er all unfurled, The Cross of Christ, the Lord.

3. Lord of Life, He came all men to save From the fear of death and hell:
Lord of Bliss, He hath prepared a place, Where His own in bliss shall dwell;
And, thru His grace, all the wide world Shall hear the Gospel story,
And His bright banner shall forever Wave in triumph and glory.
And the hosts of sin are backward hurled, As the Holy Cross goes ’round the world;
High that banner waves, o’er all unfurled, The Cross of Christ, the Lord. Amen.

     The glory of the Cross! The Christian’s sign
Of sacrifice, and yet of victory;
The sign of that supernal love, which binds
Men soul to soul; of those great truths and laws,
Which brings to men world-happiness and peace.

     I see my sons upon the battle plain,
I hear their shouts, as they, with courage high,
Withstand the shock of legions bold and strong,
Led by the Beast and by his Prophet false.
Foretold of old, upon dread Armegeddon’s field.
I see them charge upon the serried ranks
Of Satan’s hosts, with hearts all unafraid;
And, though the battle may be hard and long,
The banner of the Cross moves on and on,
And o’er it waves the sword of Christ, The Word,
Which leads to victory and liberty.

     But some must die, and many eyes shall weep,
And hearts shall mourn, and breasts shall heave with sighs;
But Christ stands at the gates of death and holds
Them open wide before His servants’ eyes.
And for all hearts He has His balm of grace,
And hope, and love, to soothe all grief and pain,
And wipe all tears from each sad mourner’s face—
No sacrifice for Him is made in vain;
For those who die for men, in His great cause,
And hold His love and worship in their hearts,
Shall reap the promise of His love and word
And rise to life eternal in the skies.
And He will recompense His people’s woes,
And give them peace—that peace from God to men,
The which shall end the reign of war for aye
And give the world a new and better day.

     Look forth into that world beyond the skies,
With eyes of faith, where Love forever reigns;
Where fields, forever green, eternal bloom,
And trees and streams of life burst on the sight;
Where heat no more shall scorch, nor cold shall chill
Where grief nor sorrow more shall dim the eye
Or touch the heart, nor aught of evil dwell;
Where streets of purest gold, and crystal seas,
And gates of pearl, and mansions bright are seen;
Where God, our Father, is the light thereof,
And where the Lamb above all suns is bright—
Conceive the grandeur of the scene, and know
That your bright picture is as far below
The things God hath prepared for those who love
As finite is below the infinite.

     And, more, the eye of love and faith can see
A mighty host, of ev’ry clime and tongue,
All robed in white, around Jehovah’s throne;
And ears of faith can hear the glory song
Of praise and honor to The King, our God,
And to the Lamb, who conquered death and hell.
And there we see our loved ones, gone before,
As victors in the Master’s cause on earth.
Oh! follow them, and, as ye journey, sing:

     [Final hymn missing.]