Virginia Georgics, by Charles Carter Lee, Errata

Virginia Georgics


[Note: The following corrections have been inserted in the text at the places indicated by Lee.]

On page 11, 7 lines from bottom, for racked read rack.
On page 15, 5 lines from bottom, for “And Eve first wove,” read wore.
On page 33, 6 lines from bottom, for “the elements felt,” read pelt.
On page 35, 4 lines from top, for “’tis loaded o’er,” read larded.
On page 40, 7 lines front top, for “beggar boy,” read bigger.
On page 41, 7 lines from bottom, for “sun-like billows,” read sea-like.
On page 46, 4 lines from top, for “high astronomy,” read e’en.
On page 51, 10 lines from top, for “great face,” read quiet.
On page 52, 13 lines from bottom, for “showed the first peans,” read sung.
On page 53, first line, for “human song,” read Roman.
Same page, second line, for “guides the fleeces,” read yields.
Same page, 7 lines from top, for “brewing,” read browsing.
On page 54, ten lines from bottom, for “where sluggish waves,” read whose.
On page 56, 14 lines from top, after “charger” insert bold.
On page 56, 12 lines from bottom, for “came the morning o’er his course,” read heaviest.
On page 58, 8 lines from top, for “named in heaven,” read signed.
On same page, ten lines from top, for “which my tossed,” &c., read while.

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