<br /> Lee Letter: a011

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee

. . . Mr. Nightengale thought he would never entirely recover his speech though he was better. Tell Rob I have ansd his letter & Annies too. They were enclosed in one to you. I fear they have all miscarried, as I think you ought to have recd them before the date of your letter. He must write again, & I will tell him all about my new horse. I am glad to hear Becky has arrived. You must fatten her up, & when she gets tired of A send her out to me. Tell her I have some handsome young officers waiting for her. I want to take her to Texas with the Regt. Those pretty little Stuarts must come too. There are enough for all. I am glad the plasterers are through. You had better settle their bill equitably. I sent you in my last a check for $240.00. Do you not recollect that I left the account of the 1000 bricks to be paid by you. He Mr. Dodge did not send the bill, & we thought more bricks or a different kind might be wanted. It was $6. I hope the mantels have come & that you have got the monument up, & all your affairs completed. Do not be out much in the hot sun, or night air, or allow the children. I fear you will all be sick. Are you going to write for the furniture, or what is to be done with it? You will want something for the big room. I hear of no Supt appd. Tell me how the pictures bore the travel & seclusion. Do not forget Mr. Wiers. It will require a nice frame. Something like the Battle piece. I concur with you in thinking your fathers battle pieces would look better in a line with Washington & Col Parke & smaller pictures interspersed among them. I wish I was there to help you, & to see you all, but it cannot be. Remember me to everybody. Kiss the children & believe me always


R E Lee


Ely-DeButts PapersLibrary of Congress

Transcribed in Francis Raymond Adams, Jr., An Annotated Edition of the Personal Letters of Robert E. Lee, April, 1855 – April, 1861, pp. 45 – 46.The first part of this letter is missing.