<br /> Lee Letter: a036

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee

I have so little to say dearest Mary in reply to your few lines of farewell of the 25 ulto, that I will return an acknowledgement on this small sheet. I am very happy to learn that you got off comfortably, & had procured from Mr Marbury funds for your journey. I fear you took a scanty supply, & may be brought back before you desire it, for you will find hundreds go but a short way at a Hotel. I wish you had thousands instead. I greatly hope you may find relief from the waters, & wish you had have told me how you were, & whether you suffered more from the attack than the privation of locomotion. I fear you are not careful enough of yourself, & you must hereafter be more prudent. Should you not find the Warm Springs effective, I trust you will try some other, & do all in your power to recover your health. In my former letters I told you all about money matters. But will here repeat for fear of miscarriage, that on the 28 July I sent you my check of that date to your order, on Br Farmers bank of Virga Alexa for $400.00 on 4 Aug do. do. do. for $200.00 & on 11 Aug ditto ditto ditto for $200.00 which ought still to leave $141.50 to my credit provided the dividends have been the usual amount, & the interest on the Jas: River & Kanawha bonds have been paid. I therefore enclose my check of this date on the Br Farmers bank of Virginia, Alexa to your order for $141.50 which before presenting, please see Mr Marbury, & ascertain what was the whole amount of dividends &c recd, what amount after paying the preceeding checks is still standing to my credit, & let him make the alteration if necessary in the present check to cover the amount. You must let me know all the items &c & what you have recd that I may know it is all right. Hereafter I think it will be better to give you an order for the whole dividend &c, that you may draw it when wanted. I hope you have recd my letters in reference to the return of Anne & Agnes to Staunton, & that they may have reached there at the proper time. I am glad to hear that they desire to return & will graduate next year. You must write me how they are, how they seem to progress, & whether they improve. Should the checks sent (which in the whole amount to $941.50) not give a sufficient amount for your purposes & to defray the expenses of the children, I can send you a check on New York. So let me know what is wanting. I have never heard a word more about Fitzhugh, his plans, or whether his check for $200.00 on the Bank of Commerce N.Y. has been found. I shall leave here on the 1st Proxo as before stated for the Rio Grande, & shall be absent in all probability for two & a half to three months. You must write regularly as usual, & I will do the same by every opportunity. I will have my letters stopped in San Antonio, & thus in time receive them. I shall have to pass through San Antonio, going & returning, will go from here to Fort Mason, pick up Major Thomas & take him on with me, & will thus have him as a travelling companion all the way, which will be a great comfort to me. I recd today notice through my spies, that a party of Comanches, who have been on a maurauding expedition to Mexico, that is a cloak to cover all their thefts & murders are endeavouring to get around our camp, on their way north, & are some 15 miles below us. They have separated into gangs of 6, 8, & 10 to elude detection. I am in the act of sending out a Compy of Cavy to endeavour to catch them, which I hope may be successful. I should go myself but for my forced journey to the Rio Grande, & as I have directed they must be followed 20 days if not sooner come up with, I might be detained too late. These people give a world of trouble to man & horse, & poor creatures they are not worth it. Give much love to your father, & all the children & believe me always


R E Lee


Ely-DeButts PapersLibrary of Congress

Transcribed in Francis Raymond Adams, Jr., An Annotated Edition of the Personal Letters of Robert E. Lee, April, 1855 – April, 1861, pp. 159 – 62.