<br /> Lee Letter: a047

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee

Above my dearest Mary are my checks to the order of the Cashr Br Farmers Bank, Alexandria, for my Jany dividends which I transmit now that they may reach you in time. You have only to present to Mr Marbury the two first checks, when he will collect the dividends, & then if you will present the third check, you will have the whole of the Jany dividends at your disposal, & can make use of them as you may require it for yourself or the children. Please let me know the amt: recd from each bank (Bank of Virginia, Richmond, & bank of the Valley, Winchester) that I may know that it is correct, & credit the bank accordingly in my books. I hope it will be sufficient to pay off the school debts, & leave enough for your other purposes. By this mail I send Fitzhugh a draft on New York for $200.00, in payment of his second quarters allowance, so you will not be called on to remit him anything before his vacation. I hope he is well & doing well & that nothing has interrupted his progress in his course this time. I am looking anxiously for my return to San Antonio when I hope to find letters from all of you which will give me intelligence how every one is progressing. I pray my dear Mary that I may learn of your recovery & be assured that all is well at Arlington. I hope to <illegible> that your father has satisfactorily <illegible> the <illegible> affairs & has procured the services of a capable & honest manager. I have nothing to tell you of myself except that we are slowly progressing in this vexed trial of Major Porter. His witnesses that are present will be exhausted this week & I learn that he will then request the Court to adjourn & await the arrival of others whom he has summoned. But as these were summoned in August last & have not yet been heard from, I doubt whether they will come. I therefore hope the Court will not adjourn but proceed to close the proceedings. I told you in my last of the arrival of the two Compies of the 1st Arty to garrison this post. Col Taylor has not yet come, but a young graduate of last June reached here this evg. His name is Gilman, of Snyders class. We are all in statu quo here. I have not yet got over to Matamoros or any where else, save those places I mentioned in former letters. Mr Passmore gave us a very fine sermon last Sunday, from those words of Isaiah, “The bruised reed shall he not break & the smoking flax shall he not quench &c” Give much love to your father, Markie, Mary & all friends. Say everything that is kind & affectionate to Childe, Edward, & Mary when you see them for me. Good bye & may God bless you all.

Truly yours

R E Lee


Ely-DeButts PapersLibrary of Congress

Transcribed in Francis Raymond Adams, Jr., An Annotated Edition of the Personal Letters of Robert E. Lee, April, 1855 – April, 1861, pp. 216 – 18.