<br /> Lee Letter: a052

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: N. G. Evans

Captain Evans

Here I am still. The Court is at a deadlock. Nothing has been heard from the absent witnesses. Whether they are coming, are alive or dead, God only knows. The Court still says wait. A dead weight we are, & unless soon relieved by death or dissolution, I fear we shall grow insupportable. We adjourn from week to week & watch the arrival of mails & boats, & in the interim I stroll through the Chapperal & watch the birds & snakes.

Col Frank Taylor arrived in the last steamer, with his two daughters & two younger sons. The former will give increased agitation to the beaux of the Garrison, I have no doubt, not that they were previously inactive in Cupids exercises. Their city belles I know only from report & therefore believe “they are all my fancy painted them.” Neither white nor yellow. How green the gentlemen are I leave you to discover. Last Friday was a great day in Matamoras. The anniversary of the patron saint of Mexico, Our Lady of Guadaloupe. It was duly celebrated. I enjoyed from a distance the salute of cannon, the chimes of the bells & the music of the bands. At night the population thronged the plaza & danced & played & gambled to the light of the full moon. The festivities were terminated Sunday night by a grand ball. A committee of invitation came over to invite the civilians of Brownsville & officers of Fort Brown. Many of the former & some of the latter attended. The amount of beauty present, it is difficult to believe. The officers of the garrison “danced all night till broad day light, & walked home with the girls in the morning.” You must not imagine that I was there, but may believe that Genl Bradford was. You will know therefore that his health is improving.

I hear no news. Get nothing from the States, except what comes through the papers. I have learned indirectly that Capt McClelland 1st Cavy will probably resign in completing the report of the European Board. Dr Simons also is appointed Ass: Surgeon in the Army, & is probably now inTexas for duty.

Is Camp Cooper still in existence? How are you all the horses & mules? I hope happy & well. Remember me to all the officers & believe me

Yours very truly

R E Lee

Capt N. G. Evans U.S. Army


Transcribed in Francis Raymond Adams, Jr., An Annotated Edition of the Personal Letters of Robert E. Lee, April, 1855 – April, 1861, pp. 236 – 37.