<br /> Lee Letter: b009

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Landon Carter

Dear Sir,

I accidentally met with your favor the other day, and have now sent the book you were pleased to lend me in Town. ’Tis well written, and should be well studied in these times, when the true nature of that Liberty should be understood, which our Enemies beyond the water, are so unjustly depriving us of.

I am told that a Gentleman in the North has so effectually and forcibly answered G. Grenville s pamphlet, that even the Minister himself, supported by his infernal Crew of hireling Miscreants, dares not attempt a reply.

In time to come, it may be known and sensibly felt I hope, that America can find Arms as well as Arts, to remove the Demon Slavery far from its borders. If I should live to see that day, I shall be happy; and pleased to say with Sydney, “Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace.” Farewell, that you may be happy as you can wish, is the earnest desire of

your affectionate friend.

R. H. Lee


Lee PapersVirginia Historical Society

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume I, 1762 – 1778, pp. 11 – 12.