<br /> Lee Letter: b053

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: William Lee

Dear Brother

After referring you to my letters by Page and Glasgow, I must observe that the above list of Raysons Load is as exact as can possibly be now made out. Indeed I do not believe it will vary 6 from what he clears with. Three days ago the Ship had 168 hhds on board, and four Craft had been out some time with Notes and orders for all his load but about 30 hhds, for which the Captain had orders & notes, and for which a Craft was immediately to be dispatched. The Captain thinks he will clear out in a fortnight from this time, but if he is allowed to the 15th or 16th of July, it will in all probability, be nearer his time of sailing. Rayson arrived in Yeocomico the 28 Apri1, so that he will be greatly within his Lay days. He has known all and more than his Load a fortnight since, so that it is his own look out if he does not get away sooner than I have above allotted for him. But I have supposed the usual delays. The 20 hhds shipt by Colo. Henry Lee are about 1400 neat on an average, and his Tobo. is generally of a superior quality. Knowing this, I agreed he should draw at the next meeting of Merchants 25th July coming for £90. sterling and next Octr. for £100 more. So that I think you can be very little in advance by paying his bills to that amount, which I hope you will do. We find nigh 300 hhds more than the Liberty can carry offered to us, and hitherto we have in vain sought for a charter, or liberty of consignment. Yesterday we dispatched an Express to Maryland, where we were informed a Vessel of 250 hhds might be chartered, we shall take her if we can get her, and then I su pose you will get Merrywether Smiths and Hudson Muses Tobacco on the terms formerly mentioned to you by Loudon and myself. But, if a charter cannot be had, you will probably get no Tobo. from the former now, and only 30 from Muse by Rayson which are to be a plied I understand, to the discharge of his last years ballance. Your Smith is fixt at work at G. Spring, with two apprentices under him. Credit me 12s./currency paid the Squires Sam when he went down with the Smith for their expence Exch. 30 pr. Cent. Edwards has met with an offer that he prefers to yours, and so has declined your Stewardship. My brother Frank has in view one Fontleroy, son of the Colonel at Naylors hole, of whose industry, skill and honesty, he has a good opinion. Your G. Spring Crop is in Outram, I think 30 hhds. Mr. Russell arrived in a short passage to Maryland, and George Lee has been some time with us, the former not yet come here. I have spokewith young Mr. Lee about Dr. Shepard’s demand and he says it is rightly due, he thinks about £120 but says he has the Notes in his Trunk, together with the letter you wrote by the Ship he came in, but his Trunk is not yet sent from Patuxent. You will be pleased to pay Doctr. Shepard the money due him immediately on receipt of this letter, and let me annually have your account current with Colo. G. Lees estate. I observe what you say about R – s attempt with the young Gentleman, but I trust it will all be in vain. Insure the estates 14 hhds and my 6 now in Rayson. I must entreat you to be more exact and punctual in getting my Boys account from St. Bees completely made up every year, and annually send me them with the discharges from the proper persons. I mean by this, to preclude all possibility of after charges, which often happens I know from the English schools. Pray do not omit this. More than £30 apiece they cannot annually be, and I am not without hope that £28 will be found sufficient. The c80. Sterg. bill that I sent you on Cuninghome & Co. of Glasgow I hope is paid, because you do not mention it in yours 20th of April last. Give my love to the Doctor and deliver him the inclosed piece of our Journal which contains the proceedings of Assembly at their last meeting in March about the Rhode Island business. The information which this will procure must in all probability occasion strong resolves at next meeting. Nothing else, but the private business of the Colony, was done last session, and an account of this was sent by first opportunity after I came from the Assembly. I desired Mr. Potts of Barbados to send me a barl. of rum & one of sugar for which he is to draw on you, pay his draft. Send me by first Ship to Potomac or Rappahanock next Fall 100 yds. Mendal Cotton and 100 Ells of German Oznaburgs for my Negroes winter clothing. Our best love attends Mrs. Lee – Farewell – The next by Rayson –

R. H. Lee


Lee PapersVirginia Historical Society

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 1, 1762 – 1778, pp. 88 – 90. Addressed to Lee in London and sent by Capt. Gray. Endorsed as received 30 August and answered 31 August.