<br /> Lee Letter: b088

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Samuel Adams

My Dear Friend,

A fortnights stay here has enabled me to assist my Countrymen in finishing our form of Government – The mighty work is now done as the enclosed papers will shew you – Mr. Henry chosen Governor, himself and his Privy Council qualify this day and take the Government upon them, the Committee of Safety being abolished. The Convention adjourned yesterday, and our new Legislature, under the name of General assembly, meets the 1st. Monday in October next. I hope the Congress will take early and effectual measures to reenlist the Continental Troops in every Colony. Already our 1st. & 2d. Batallions talk of going home when their time is up in Septr. – This will be a critical time, and every previous wise measure should be taken to prevent such a weakening of our force when the enemy may be making their greatest push.

I am grieved that our affairs have so bad an aspect in Canada – If they can be retrieved, I hope it will be done cost what it may. Surely the great business of Independence and Foreign Alliance is rightly determined before now – I shall be rejoiced to hear it. You cannot oblige me dear Sir more than by often writing to me – You have my direction – I leave this place today for Chantilly, where I shall remain until the last of August when I sett out for Congress.

Our Devil Dunmore is as he was, but we expect shortly to make him move his quarters –

Remember me to all my Friends, particularly your Namesake whose promise of writing to me I remember with pleasure.

We have letters from Gen. Lee this moment received which are dated from George Town 9th June They say “We expect to be in Charles Town this night – The enemy with their whole force are laying off the Bar waiting, as ’tis supposed for a tide & wind to get up – We shall be there to receive them with all the warmth their merit deserves”

Farewell dear Sir.

Richard Henry Lee


Samuel Adams PapersLenox Library

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 1, 1762 – 1778, pp. 207 – 8. Lee enclosed his draft describing the Great Seal of Virginia, July 1776.