<br /> Lee Letter: b199

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Roger Sherman

Dear Sir,

The very high sense that I entertain of your sound and virtuous patriotism will by no means suffer me to pass you by when I am distributing a pamphlet which I think it imports the friends of America to know the contents of. I apprehend that the faction in Congress would long since have made the most essential parts public, had not concealment been necessary to cover their own misdeeds. It was certainly due to the honor of Congress as well as to that of Individuals, that the public should be disabused in points of great moment wherein they had been most boldly and wickedly misled.

You may observe Sir that I have taken care to omit such parts, as would if published, have tended to offend States that are now friendly to us. These things would have rendered the work much more complete to prove the vileness of that libel published on the 5th. of december 1778, but I am sure there is no person injured by that, but who would rather choose to continue suffering such injury than to expose it by means that would be hurtful to the Community.

It gave me great concern my friend to hear that you are not in Congress. I lament for the public good which I am sure is injured thereby. My mistake is great indeed if there ever was a time when more wisdom and virtue were wanting in the Great Council of America. I hope dear Sir that it will not be long before you are again restored to that Assembly. Be so kind as present my best respects to Mr. Hosmer and Mr. Ellsworth and let them have the reading of this pamphlet.

It will give me pleasure to know that this letter with its enclosure has reached you safely – for this purpose a line directed for me to the care of the Post Master at Leeds Town in Westmoreland County Virginia will find me. I am dear Sir, with high esteem and great affection,

most sincerely yours.

Richard Henry Lee


Letters and Papers, 1777 – 1780Massachusetts Historical Society

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 173 – 74.