<br /> Lee Letter: b215

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Henry Laurens

My dear Sir,

A letter that I received from our friend Mr. Bee a fortnight past was the first notice that I had of the probability of your speedily sailing, and caused me to apprehend that you would have left Philadelphia before my last letter from hence reached you – Your favor of the 1st. instant setts that matter right, and from the usual delay in our marine matters, I am induced to think that these my thanks for that favor will yet find you in Philadelphia. When you do go, for public reasons and from private affection, I do most sincerely wish you health, happiness and success – I have no doubt but that I shall hear from you when your leisure permits, and if you will favor me with your address I shall do myself the honor to inform you how we go on – The goodness of providence has caused good to spring from evil, and in human affairs I think that good is generally derived from great extremities of ill – Here let us rest our hopes, and I will expect to inform you e’er long that men and things are mended much – in truth I think we do mend in this quarter – It will be with infinite pleasure that I shall inform you of your most substantial property rude possessors. I observe with great satisfaction in the Baltimore paper of the 1st. that Jamaica is certainly attacked with 36 sail of the Line & 26,000 men – Success against that important Isla[n]d will probably bring our enemies to reason, and open their ears to honorable peace. Mr. Lovell has not favored me with a line for many weeks past – I began to fear he had left Congress – but now I shall inclose this to him least you should be gone – I am dear Sir, with the sincerest affection

your obliged friend.

Richard Henry Lee

No news here. Turn over.

P. S. If the sturdy beggars you speak of insist upon their point, I would not hesitate to send them a dismission and appoint to their places so man Colonels who I doubt not would do to the business full as well.


Laurens CorrespondenceLong Island Historical Society

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 195 – 96. Addressed to Laurens, “Member of Congress at Philadelphia,” and endorsed “Recd. 16th. Decem 1782.”