<br /> Lee Letter: b233

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: George Weedon

Dear General

Immediately on receipt of your letter last saturday I dispatched messengers to call our militia together on monday last – and your letter was forwarded to the Officers of the lower counties. Our militia met last monday, & were drafted to the number of 259 rank, and file – 96 march’d this morning from our court house for prices ordinary where I expect they will be join’d by as many more as will amount in the whole to 200 well arm’d men at least – they will march forward to join you at Falmouth under the command of Col. A John Washg. Richmond has drafted 120 men – difficiences must be expected. they march tomorrow. It is report only that tells us the Northumberland, & lancaster Militias are in motion, but we do not know their numbers. I do conclude upon the whole you may expect 500 men from the 4 lower County’s. & I hope they will be well arm’d, & provided.

Capt. Sael agreed with me in opinion, that it was better for our men to proceed to yr. Camp, as they amountd either fully, or very near to a Battn. than to wait for the uncertain numbers of the lower Countys. We understand that the Enemy have taken a strong post on Gwin’s Isd. & that they are very active in taking off Rappahanock Pilots especially, but that they allso take away all the other Inhabitants they can seize on. What they mean by the last I cannot tell. The Pilots denote a push up Rappahanock. I suppose to burn the wharehouses that are approachable. this moment a messenger arriv’d to inform me, that a Ship & two small Vessells were at the mouth of Nominy in Powtomac. with the same views I suppose, as I have conjectured they mean to pursue in Rappahnck. burning, and plundering. we could but barely prevent this when all together, but how it will be now, when we have detatch’t so many of our men & many of our best Officers, time must tell. I apprehend we shall be a good deal distres’t. I hope that the encreas’t force of the Marquis will enable him to expell the Enemy without much risk. Coll. Washington is to be here this Evening. & I shall deliver him your letter by Cap. Sael.

Richard Henry Lee


Weedon PapersAmerican Philosophical Society

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 231 – 32.