<br /> Lee Letter: b309

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: William Shippen, Jr.

My Dear Sir,

I had lately the honor of writing to you for the purpose of introducing to your acquaintance & polite attention, the celebrated historian of England Mrs. Macaulay, now Mrs. Graham; who with her husband, is going to visit General Washington. In a late letter that I received from Colo. Henry Lee, heretofore of the Light Dragoons, he writes as follows.

Mr. Hall, in payment of money due me, offer’d his claim on Doctr. Shippen for the negro Cyrus – I saw the Doctor when last at Philadelphia & mentioned Halls claim, and the power I had to settle the matter with him. He agreed to pay £70. the ensuing August – I left an order accordingly, & yesterday had advice of its dishonor, tho I accompanied my order with Mr. Halls receipt in full –

[“]Will you adjust this matter for me – I would not in your present station, ask a moments attention were not my circumstances so streightened, as to demand very pointed attention to matters of money” Thus far the Colonel – And I cannot add to its strength, so have only to assure you that I am always ready to receive and convey your commands to him. The old Lady Livingston & the family wait only for a fair wind to go up the North river to their summer country residence – And I think that I discern some disquietude about the Child not having been here in season to go up with the family – a disquietude however that arises from a tender wish to have dear little Peggy along with them – Since beginning this letter, I have seen the good old Lady, and she mentioned to me that she had sent to her daughter in Law, that she imagined the Child wd. come forward with Mrs. Tillotson who is expected shortly to pass thro Phila. from Baltimore to the Manor. If I am not mistaken, my Nephew the young Lawyer is indebted to me one letter at the least, which I hope to receive when business & Gallantry permit – My Secretary tells me that he hopes for a good Upper Servant for our household, thro the goodness of my Nephew & your Son – What says he to this – God bless you and all of you is the sincere wish of your affectionate brother.

Richard Henry Lee


Shippen Collection###

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 355 – 56.