<br /> Lee Letter: b312

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Thomas Lee Shippen

My dear Nephew.

I thank you much for your letter of the 20th. instant, which I received this day – Mr. Wilson did not deliver me your letter himself, but it did come to my hands altho’ I knew not who brought it, as I found the letter with many others upon my table some days after Mr. Wilson’s arrival in Town. Either you or myself must have totally forgotten the contents of that letter – Having written thus far, I stopt to search for the above letter, having totally forgotten that you had mention’d the Sword in it – And now I must ask yours and the Workmans pardon for my neglect in not having long since sent the money – But it shall surely come by the first good opportunity. If the Gunsmith will make me a good neat Stock for my Gun with a new Rod & screw at the end of it, I will give him an half Johannes. But you know that he was to prevent one of the cocks from falling at half bent as well as to clean the Gun. I am greatly obliged by your attention to my commissions. I hope that the Iron from Mr. Prager, with the Charriot Skins will be sent in the vessel you mention. You will please write a short letter to Mrs. Lee with the Goods and inclose it to the person either on Rappahanock or Potomac with whom the goods are to be left, desiring him to convey your letter to Chantilly that Mrs. Lee may take measures to get them brot home. The length of the shoes that Mr. Starr made for me in October last will do well for the Gouty Shoes as to length, but they must be something wider for the Gout which increases the bulk but not the length of the foot. The Soles may be of thick but soft leather and well rasped – The heels not high – The Toes round not sharp, and the upper leather of good sound Buckskin stained black & lined with the fur you have procured. You have very properly directed about the Cypher on my Sulky, which I am glad to hear is so well finished. I have desired Mr. Harrison to search for Mr. Burnley who you may be assured shall meet with every civility from me as your friend, as Ludwells, and as an able worthy man.

I believe it is only for that eye which sees all things to come, that can conjecture when Congress will adjourn. It seems clear however that it will not be before August, if they adjourn at all – whilst they continue to sit I am bound you know – &when they adjourn I shall make great haste to Virginia – However, I hope you may go up the North River, because, by that means I shall have the happiness of seeing you here once more before I quit this City. We have past the Land Ordinance or selling the Country N.W. of Ohio so far as the Indian purchases go, for payment of the debts of the United States – No news here, for it is not new that I love you all very sincerely God bless you,


Richard Henry Lee


Shippen Collection###

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 360 – 61.