<br /> Lee Letter: b316

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Thomas Lee Shippen

My dear Nephew –

Both Mr. Hadfield & Mr. Burnley have been with me, tho not so often as I wished them to be – however, I suppose that they are satisfied with my attention to them. You will no doubt be surprised that I have not yet sent the dollars for the Sword Cutler – I will tell you why I have not – Two bills sent me from Virga. have been lying for some time under acceptance but not yet paid – In a few days one of them will, & the first opportunity after, the money shall be sent – I must be governed by your judgement concerning the getting of my Chair sent here by Water – Two things are in this affair to be attended to – That the expence be light, and that the Carriage, Trunk, Box & Harness, be not rubbed or damaged by the Voyage – For these purposes a Careful & Reasonable Captain is to be sought for, and as the case is not Urgent, there being two months at least for the purpose, the chance for finding such a concurrence may be a good one – You know that if it comes not by Water, I must be at the expence of sending for it by Land – And as the opportunities by water are frequent & this Season of the year favorable, it appears most Eligible to fix on the water conveyance – If so, the Key of the Trunk may be lockt up in the Box & the Key of the latter enclosed to me in a letter.

I thank your worthy father for the Servant sent. He has just arrived, and I hope will answer the purpose.

The Black fish, Sheepshead, & Sea Bass are now numerous & fine. I wish most sincerely that we had our good Brothers – your father – company here to assist in the discussion of some of them – Besides, the Champaign, Claret, Madiera & Muscat are good – I know that your philosophy is above temptation – Yet I cannot help wishing now that the inducements might so far prevail as to give us the pleasure of your company a while – It will be unfortunate for us if Mr. Gardoque should not be a Smoker and so not be provided with Havanna Segars The most worthy Don Juan Miralles used to supply us so copiously that he has occasioned us to loose all appetite or other smoking – Write to me about my Chair, and by all means about the family – how you all do – & how is my much esteemed friend the old Doctor. God bless you,


Richard Henry Lee

His most Chn. Majesty has just announced to Congress the birth of another Son called Duke of Normandy.


Shippen Collection###

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 367 – 68.