By the Hon. Mr. A. Lee who arrived here from Congress last Tuesday I am informed that the Board of Treasury have sent you proper Indents for the purpose of your granting evidences of interest due on Loan office Certificates up to the last day of the year 1784 according to the Requisition of Congress of last September. I have therefore sent my Overseer to Richmond with my Certificates to receive from you Indents of interest agreeably to the last Requisition.

Your last settlement and payment of interest on these Certificates was up to the close of the year 1782. So that now you will please to send me Indents for interests for the two years 1783 and 1784. In the calculation of interest that you made on one of these certificates, to wit, that for 300 dollars issued on the 6th. day of December 1777, you reduce the Nominal value to Specie 222 dols. 85/90 & 4/8 and calculate the interest on such reduced value; whereas by the Resolution of Congress of January the 15th. 1784 Journal Vol 9. P. 35 you will be pleased to observe that the interest of such Certificates is liable to no depreciation, but the interest is to be calculated on the full nominal value, and there-fore interest should have been calculated on 300 dollars instead of 222 dollars & 85/90 & 4/8 making a difference to me of about 4 dollars & 2 thirds – Be so kind Sir as to rectify this in your present issues of Indents and send me interest on the full value of the nominal dollars for this Certificate, as well for the years 1783 & 1784 as for the difference between your former calculation & the right method herein before stated. I have never received the second letter that you promised me, nor indeed is it necessary, as I am well satisfied that I was misinformed, and that your conduct with respect to me was blameless. I have only now to request the favor of you to be so kind as give my Overseer all possible dispatch, as he is much wanted at home in this busy Season; and if you please to send me a short Statement of the Interest you issue on these my Certificates I shall thank you. I am Sir

your most obedient and very humble Servant.

Richard Henry Lee

Emmet Collection, New York Public Library

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 413 – 14.