<br /> Lee Letter: b359

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: – – Lee

My dear Brother,

As I take it for granted that your Nieces from the Northern Neck are with you by this time, I shall inclose a letter herein for my daughter Molly – I have been here near a month, since which nothing remarkable hath occured – In Congress, since my coming, we have passed an Ordinance for establishing a temporary government beyond the Ohio for the more perfect security of peace and property among the rude people who will probably be the first settlers there – The form of this government, as you will see by the enclosed paper, is much more tonic than our democratic forms on the Atlantic are.

We have also ratified a Treaty of peace & commerce with the Emperor of Morocco, as you will find also in the paper – This Treaty will give some relief to our Mediterranean Trade, and may facilitate treaties with other Piratical States – Congress have just finished a contract with a Company of Adventurers for the sale of five millions of Acres on the North west line of the Virga. cession, by which <sa>le, after all deductions, we hope to extinguish four millions of doll<ars> of the principal of the domestic debt, which as far as <mutilated> liquidated, amounts to twenty <s>even millions, five hundred sixty nine thousand, five hundred & seventy five dollars & twenty seven ninetieths – It is supposed that when the whole debt is liquidated, that it will amount to 30, millions – We are now digesting for settling the land between the Scioto and the great Miami – this is a fine country and the <Lan>ds equal to any beyond the Ohio – Out of this, between the <Lit>tle Mi<amigt; & Scioto, is to come the Land for our Line <o>f the <l>ate Army – The impeachment of Hastings and the Troubles in Ho<lland> seems to be the principal Euro<pe>an news – The Hollanders appear to be fairly en gaged <in mutilated> I apprehend threatens them with a fatal interference of th<e> surrounding Kingly powers; who no doubt will be glad of an opportunity to destroy a government ever hateful to Kings.

Our federal Convention is yet, and will probably continue to be some time longer engaged in the great business that collected them – It seems probable that they will propose a government of much more Tone than that which at present attempts to rule the Confederacy.

A small time before I left home, the want of Wine induced me to venture on one of your Quarter Casks at Stratford, and as I was in possession of your terms, to be sure I am at mercy – But I have perfect reliance that you will settle the matter justly – After fining it, I bottled it carefully and e<xactly> five <gallo>ns & 2 bottles came from the Cask. These <mutilated> the States of N. Hampshire, Massachusetts and <Mary>land have all sent Congress their Acts <mutilated> T<reaty> of Peace with G. Britain <mutilated> a my love to all the Northern Girls. I am

my dear brother.

Richard Henry Lee


Lee PapersVirginia Historical Society

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 430 – 31. Ballagh speculates that this letter was written to Colonel Henry Lee.