<br /> Lee Letter: b398

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Arthur Lee

My dear brother,

Since my arrival here I have written to you twice and have received as many letters from you – I think you mention to have written one letter that I have not received, to wit, in answer to mine of the 18th. Your letters to Mr. Dorchmer & Mr. Hammond have been delivered, and I wish they may have the proposed effect. But your commissions of Gallantry have not yet been executed, and perhaps never may, at least in the precise way that you mention. Having been brought nearly to my Grave by a severe illness, I feel very little disposed to Gallantry – I do most perfectly agree with you, that Men (not Government) are wanted – I have long thought so, but now I know it – This goes by a young Gentleman and you know how caresless, now a days, such are. So that for politics I must refer you to the enclosed papers – I hope to hear from you frequently & I will endeavor to be equally communicative – Your affectionate brother.

Richard Henry Lee

Turn over

If you had not learnt every body as well as you have, I would say, are you not Astonished to be informed that the Marked Resolutions in the daily Advertiser of the 18th. instant should be so opposed as probably to frustrate them altho tis certain a parcel of Scoundrel Speculators went directly after the appropriation of last September & cheated the Soldiers out of 27,000 dollars for less than a penny in the pound – And tho the Money is yet in the pub. Treasury – & these resolves only calculated to prevent the fraud from being carried into effect.


Lee PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 516 – 17.