<br /> Lee Letter: b400

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Charles Lee

My dear Sir,

I have omitted writing to you being uncertain where you were, and therefore waited your return to Alexa I now congratulate you on the birth of your daughter, and the prosperous state of both Mother & child. Molly writes me that the Child is very pretty. Our President is so well recovered from a dangerous illness as that he proposes tomorrow to ride out if the day is good. We have had a most Morbid season in this City, and it still continues – many have fallen sacrifices & myself had nearly gone to visit my fathers. I thank God that my health & strength are greatly restored. I hope that my Bale & paper parcel by the Rachel, Capt. Blakeney, are by this time safely at Chantilly. When I was here in the year 1787 I desired Mr. Greenleaf the Printer of the N. York Journal to send Me his Newspaper – he says he has regularly done so ever since, & to your care as desired – He has accordingly charged me with 3 years Gazettes – I told him that I had not received them, nor did I believe that you had – He still insisted on having sent them, but said that on writing to you, if you replied to me that they had not come to you, he would give it up – ’Tis certainly hard on him, if he sent them; and certainly hard on me who got them not, to pay for them – However, if you have received them I will pay for them with great pleasure. Let me know, if you please, how this is? Has Coffee yet fallen to 1s./ & have you purchased for us both as proposed? The India Ships begin to arrive – one is already here & three more expected at this port within the Month – The Secretary of the Treasury tells me that he has written a Circular Letter stating that when Vessels go from one district to another in the Same State and call or come to a part of the District where no Collector or N. officer resides, that they are at liberty to land goods without going to the Office for a permit – This you know was ever my opinion – But now, I suppose, Vessels going up & down Potomac from one district to another will be in no difficulty about landing our Things at Nomony, witht. going to Yeocomico for permit –

As you will probably hear frequently from Chantilly, I shall thank you for dropping me a line of information now & then how they all are there – I am very sincerely

your most affectionate friend.

Richard Henry Lee

P.S. Where is your brother Harry, S how does his Mrs. Lee – I want to write to him, but have understood that he was at some Springs in the Western Country.


Emmet CollectionLenox Library

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 518 – 20.