<br /> Lee Letter: b402

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Thomas Lee Shippen

My dear Nephew,

I am this moment favored with yours of the 3d. instant for which I thank you – The business of the Seat remains much as when I wrote you last – You friends did on Wednesday the 3d. oppose the Committment of the Bill for fixing the Permt. & Tempory. Seat of Govermt to a private Committee, because it would produce delay, & because the subject was of a Nature fit only to be discussed in a Committee of the whole Senate where it must go at last – The Members for & against Phila. were then tried, & the Senate divided 12 for & 12 agst the Commitment Mr. Patterson voting with us – The Vice P. sent it to a private Committee where it has remained ever since. What was apprehended is verified and delay alone is the consequence – 3 Members of the Committee being agst you – Mr. Henry & myself are overruled in every proposition for reporting – Thus we shall probably remain until the Rhode Island Senators arrive & then the business will no dou[b]t be pushed, and end as you may judge. I fear you have little to expect from N-C – – or from G – a

My family at Chantilly, & that of Stratford have been severely visited with the Measles – they are, I thank Good all recovered, or in a good way. Give my love where you know I place it.

Your affectionate Uncle.

Richard Henry Lee


Shippen Collection###

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 521 – 22.