<br /> Lee Letter: b404

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Arthur Lee

My dear Brother,

By the time this letter reaches Alexandria I hope you will have returned there with the satisfaction of having left our friends in Westmoreland all in a fair way of recovery – I am very thankful for your letter from Stratford which is much more circumstantial and satisfactory than I am used to receive from Virginia – But I do, and shall continue to feel much uneasiness for my daughter Nancy whose situation, from your state of it, is by no means a favorable one for her – The Measles taking her with a fever and sore Breast already upon her, may endanger her greatly. – Relieve me from my anxiety on her account as soon as you can – The letter you mentioned to have written declaring yourself and desiring I would write to Pickett & others I have not received – I got one from you desiring me to inform our cousin R. B. Lee that he had declared you prematurely (which he denies having done) but in that you seem not fixt about standing yourself – However I will write to Col Picket shortly – Since my illness, a feebleness is left behind that renders writing hurtful to me. The President has certainly been dangerously ill, but he is fortunately recovered so well as to attend to business, and has been for three or four days past at the Hook for benefit of the Sea Air & amusement – This place however, seems not favorable to his health any more than it is to most of the Southern members of Congress – Yet we have been defeated after a strong attempt to remove from hence – 16 majority for it in the H of R. & in the Senate 12 for & 13 against – The assumption has been frequently rejected in the other House, yet it is to be again pushed – The funding Bill is with us which proposes to fund the old Continenl. money at 75 for one – Tis probable that we shall make it an hundred for one – And instead of Land and the various alternatives for paying the debts of the U.S – it seems probable that all will be refused but the simple plan of paying with money the interest at 4 pr. Cent & part of the principle; leaving the Land to be sold by Land Office and the money applied to the debt – You will see that our old friend S. Adams still retains his attachment to the State Governments by his speech in one of the inclosed papers – Have this repub<lished> in the Alexandria paper, & get Ludwell to send it to Davis in Richmond to publish it in his paper – We have no news here – the Packet brought none, but a probability of the war continuing in the N. of Europe – Your affectionate brother.

Richard Henry Lee

My love to all my friends with you – Please look to Cassius now & then and urge his attention –


Lee PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 525 – 27.