<br /> Lee Letter: b416

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: William Lee

My dear Brother,

I have this day delivered to Capt. Cary of Petersburg, who commands a Sloop between that place and this, two bales of Connecticut Linnen containing 307¼ yards – Also two bags of feathers which required 15 yards more of the same linnen to pack them in – this addition was caused by the Shop keeper not attending to my note desiring him to let the feather bags be made of part of the 300 yds. of linnen that he was commissioned to purchase. Of the feathers there are 70 lb. neat weight. Enclosed within one of the Bales is the bed Tick, with 3 lb. of Shoe thread & 3 lb. of strong sewing thread that you desired – The linnen, both in quality and price, is as last year. The Bed Tick is good, and the feathers have been examined by an honest Upholsterer here who reports them good. To pay for these goods I have drawn on Mr. Thorp for twenty pounds sterling at 2 pr. Cent above par. The Jamaica rum is not here on your terms, but I apprehend that you may get this Article at Norfolk as cheap and as good as here.

Capt. Cary is a careful Man and has promised to deliver your goods under care of Mr. Ambler at James Town to whom I have written requesting his attention to them, and to inform Moody of their being at J. Town. This tedious Session is to end on the 10 – instant, so that I hope to be at home before the end of the month – The State debts are assumed to the amount of 21,500,000 dollars, to be funded as is the domestic debt of the U.S. – Two thirds of the principal of the domestic debt to be funded immediately at 6 pr. Cent & the remaining third after 10 years at same interest – All the interest of this debt to be funded presently at 3 pr. Cent – The fund for paying this is the former impost increased – provision for paying the interest of the State debts assumed will not be made until next Session, which is to meet the first Monday in december at Philadelphia

The compass of a letter does not permit me to be so particular (as you might wish) on so complex a subject as the funding system. To conversation this must be left, for I hope to see you in the Northern Neck in course of next fall. You may conclude from the interest being funded at 3 pr. Cent, that this will not sell for so much as the principal. N. York Bank Stock is not easily to be had, the divident of 7 pr. Cent being paid quarterly.

Your affectionate brother,

Richard Henry Lee
 £.  s.  d.
70 lb. feathers at 2/6  8.15.  0
Con. Linnen 322¼ yds. at 1/320.  7.  9
6 yds. Wrapper at 9d. & Cartage  0.  5.  0
Bed Tick  3.15.  0
3 lb. Shoe Thread at 3/ & 3 lb. Sewing at 4/  1.  1.  0
A Set of blank bills  0.  1.  0
Cartage of feathers  0.  0.  9
£36.  5.  6
Bill of exchange 20 sterlg.£36.  5.  4
34.  5.  6
freight to James Town  0.16.  0
N. York money due to Mr. Wm. Lee  1.  3.10


Lee PapersVirginia Historical Society

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 538 – 40. Endorsed “with Bills of parcells for the goods he bought for me at New York.”