<br /> Lee Letter: b429

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Lucinda Lee

My dear Niece,

You have no doubt, long before this, heard of the death of your Uncle, and my most dear brother Athur Lee Esqr. As he has left me his sole Executor, it is incumbent on me to inform you of the following clause in your Uncle’s Will in our favor “I give to my Niece Lucinda Lee one-half acre Lott in Alexandria lying on Duke & St. Asaph streets, and let on ground rents to her and her heirs forever.”

I should have sent you the Title papers by this opportunity if I had thought it a perfectly secure one. But this may now be the less necessary as this letter will enable you to order a collection of such rents as have become due since your Uncle’s death. And Mr. Charles Lee can, from the description above, point out to you who the Tenents are. The rents that were due before your Uncle’s death Mr. Irvine has power from me to collect for the use of the Estate. I am a stranger to the state of the Tenants on this Legacy but I am informed that the Tenants on it pay a ground rent of about £62 annually. And I think that one Lott is unrented at present, it having been reentered by my brother for defect of rent not paid. This when rented will add to the above rents of £62. – Be so good as give my love to my very dear Niece, Mrs. Brent and tell her that I should have written to her if my health had permitted, but I have much to do and am not well Her Uncle has left her “A piece of Plate (of the value of twenty Guineas) as she may Chuse.” She may either have the twenty guineas to dispose of as she chuses, or if she prefer pointing out the piece of plate to me, I will order it from London.

Remember me very affectionately to your dear Mother and tell her that we have here a very high sense of her goodness in going up to stay with our much loved daughter in Alexandria during her approaching confinement. I am my dear Niece

your very sincerely affectionate Uncle & friend.

Richard Henry Lee


Lee PapersVirginia Historical Society

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 553 – 54. Addressed to Lucinda Lee “Berry Hill in Stafford Cty,” and conveyed by “Anthony.”