<br /> Lee Letter: b432

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: William Shippen, Jr.

My dear friend,

It is I believe very certain that the friendships of the world are very often destroyed by passion; by want of candid and fair discussion: and among Relations for want of that affectionate and friendly explanation so necessary for the right settlement of points in controversy or dispute. I trust that this will never be the fate of our friendship, and it is upon this principle that I now state to you your account with our late brother Arthur Lee deceased. The items of the account (a very few small articles of charge excepted which are stated in Mr. Lees books by himself) are taken from Accounts and Letters in your own handwriting, & I have given you credit for every article of charge agst Mr. Lee that you have made yourself, and divers others not mentioned by you, but stated by Mr. Lee himself. Upon all your Credits I have allowed Interest from their commencement to the last period of making up this a/c – I have continued your charge for £28.2.6 paid to Bailey, altho Mr. A. Lee notes his absolute refusal of it because he says the printing was without his knowledge, order, or consent.

Mr. Broom charges Mr. Lee for the money pd. you in 1783 June 23d. by Recpt. But as you, in your account do not acknowledge this Sum until the following year, I have charged no interest tho’ your discounts do not begin until a year after receiving the by Mr. Brooms account. An account thus fairly & avorably stated cannot fail to be approved, & I think that established as it is, by Vouchers from yourself, there can be no doubt of its authenticity. I can only add, that if it is convenient for you to pay it, twill be infinitely so for me to receive it. But if it is at present inconvenient for you to pa the principal, send me your bond & pay punctually the interest, and I will wait with patience,

Be so good as write me fully on this subject, directing your letter to be forwarded from Fredericksburg by Cross post, down the Northern Neck. Who is now the Cashier of the B of N.A – I have written to Mr. Wells long since, but can get no answer. Our best love attends you & your household, and also our friends in 4th. Street & Germantown. I am most sincerely & affectionately

your friend.

Richard Henry Lee

Account on the other Side.


Shippen Collection###

Printed in James Curtis Ballagh, The Letters of Richard Henry Lee, Volume 2, 1779 – 1794, pp. 557 – 59. The account on the verso is not in Lee’s writing but bears his signature as executor of Arthur Lee’s estate. The account dates from 7 November 1781 and shows a balance due the estate of £1,662.7.7 .