Lee Letter: c001

Robert E. Lee
Annette Carter

I am delighted my beautiful Annette at the prospect of seeing you soon, and also that you will accompany us to the wedding. I have been trying all the winter to get to Goodwood but since December have been constantly on some military court or board from which I could not escape. At one time during an interval between them, I had determined to go down with the girls on a Friday and return Monday, but Mr. Hill whom I met as I came from the adjournment of the court, said the roads were impassable for a carriage and that he was obliged to go on horseback. The next month also we had another hard rain. That prevented Pomy and I from going on horseback. I am still engaged on a military board, but expect to finish Monday or Tuesday. Tell Aunt Ella and your dear Papa why I have not been down. After the wedding I must prepare for Texas. But I hope to see you all before I go. You at any rate Annita will be up next week. You must not make it later than Saturday next (18th) as we are as yet uncertain of the days the steamer leaves Richmond for Shirly and may have to go from here Monday. Uncle Williams who is here says we must do so, but I have written to ascertain the rime. I know you will be the most beautiful dressed person at the wedding. Still you may have to get some ribbons for the occasion. Come up therefore as early as you can. If I know the day I could meet you in W—. Fitzhugh will be home tonight. Give much love to your father and Ella. . . .

R. E. Lee



Transcription based on dealer’s catalog.