<br /> Lee Letter: c003

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Annette Carter

The pain of leaving home is much enhanced by my inability to bid adieu to you, Ella and your father. I wished to go down and see you, but heard of your father and Ella being called to Philadelphia and did not know where I should find you. I could only have stayed one night, but that would have given me the opportunity of saying some of the many things I wished to tell you. Why did you not come up and see us while your father was away? I want to see you so much. Won’t you write me a little letter to “San Antonio Texas”? My notice was very short. Yesterday I received my orders and this morning I must take my departure. The household is all asleep or I should have many messages to deliver. But the approach of day warns me I must take my breakfast and be off. I hope your Grand Mother has been relieved and that your father and Ella will soon be with you again. Remember me to them and to Mildred. God bless you all. I hope I may soon see you again. In the meantime do not forget your Cousin.

R. E. Lee



Transcription based on dealer’s catalog.