<br /> Lee Letter: c008

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Annette Carter

I found on my arrival here you letter of the 5th May. My reply to your former, which I did not receive till my return to Virginia I hope you have received. See that I told you how glad we would be if you could visit us. Any time and with anybody you would be gladly received and heartily welcomed. The girls [have invited] several of their cousins to visit them at Commencement, and at that rime you may be crowded. The Commencement will take place the 4th Thursday in this month and I can promise you any number of young beaux, speeches &c &c &c. But you must let me see you in the intervals and I shall be content. I shall be very happy to see your escort the Governor, or whoever may have that happy position. After the Commencement I hope certainly to see you, for if you all are not coming to the mountains I will try very hard to get to see you. Let me know then where you will be and what you are going to do during the summer. . . . I wish that you were with us with all my heart, and the Governor too. Next week your Cousin Mary and Agnes will return and after that I presume our visitors, among whom will be Bishop Marvin and Dr. Brantley who are to deliver addresses to the students, will begin to come. There will be plenty of room for you if you will come too.

I have so many visitors this morning and so many interruptions that I am unable to go on with my letter. If I did I could not convince you how much I want to see you and how much I think of you all. My dear little Ella I trust is well and that you are all happy at Goodwood. Give much love to . . . all of them. My health is better and I think I am improving and nothing will so me more good than to see you.

R. E. Lee



Transcription based on dealer’s catalog.