<br /> Lee Letter: c011

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles H. Carter

I received this morning a note from my sweet Annette saying that you had not received my reply to your letter. I presume you have . . . therefore will only repeat in substance what I then said. I shall return to the Rockbridge Baths on Monday (23rd) with Agnes and Mildred, and will probably remain there till the end of the week (29th) unless May may determine to go on to the Warm Springs. You will hear at Goshen, should you come, whether we have passed there on the way to the Warm. Should May determine to remain at the Baths, I shall have to leave here at the 1st of August. I wish I could promise myself the pleasure of going home with you, but I cannot. The terms of my parole confines me to Virginia, as it is generally understood; and in addition I have a great deal to do, but little help. Annette says she will not come to see her uncle. I did not expect to hear that. . . . She knows no one wants to see her as much as I do. Hoping to see you soon.

R. E. Lee



Transcription based on dealer’s catalog.