<br /> Lee Letter: c012

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Annette Carter

Your letter of the 10th received this rimming my sweetest Annette, has given me the greatest pleasure. I can do nothing but think of you and wish to see you. You could not have supposed that a letter from you would “not be acceptable” for you must feel sure that I am always anxious to hear from you. Whenever therefore you wish to give me pleasure you mast not be at a loss how to afford it, I thought you promised to come to the mountains this summer with your father and to pay us a visit. Tell him he ought to visit the White Sulphur Springs and that the waters will not be half as beneficial to him if you are not with him. There is at present in session here the Virginia Teachers Association. As soon as it adjourns I must take you from Cousin Mary to the Rockbridge Baths which I trust may prove a relief to her. After seeing her comfortably located I must go to the White Sulphur Springs to drink its waters for a season. If I could see you there Annette I should be content. I expect Martha Williams and Mary to join us at the baths, in which event Agnes and Mildred will accompany me to the White Sulphur. I would much prefer to go to Goodwood, and if you will not come to the mountains I must go there to see you. But the difficulty is I cannot say when that can be, for I cannot go about as I please, as you can Annette. I am obliged to be here in September and after the session commences it seems impossible for me to get away. Circumstances are always arising that require my presence. I am very anxious to go to Goodwood again and will do so that first moment I can. But come up to the White this summer with your father. I enjoyed seeing you so much this spring when I was in Baltimore, that I have been comforting myself with the prospect of being again with you this summer. Mary I am sure can spare you for she will be thinking all the time of her General. I must now bid you goodbye my dear Annette as I am called into the convention which is sitting in the College Chapel just above me.

R. E. Lee



Transcription based on dealer’s catalog.