<br /> Lee Letter: c013

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Annette Carter

I was very sorry to part with you all, and must say in all truth that my regret has not in the least diminished since. But I believe the same would have been the case had I remained with you all the summer, which I would have done had I followed my own inclinations. As short as my visit was I enjoyed it very much, and shall always look back upon it with pleasure. It was a great satisfaction to me to see you all again, at your beautiful home, and to witness your happiness. I wish I knew when I could see the bright picture that is ever rising in my memory. Mildred I presume has returned from her visit to Baltimore. When you hear her account of her journey to Westover, I fear that you will not regret not having accompanied us. I did not cease to regret it the whole way and I have not become reconciled to it yet. I would have urged it more earnestly but I feared that you would suffer from the heat on your return next day and were already aware how agreeable it would have been to me. At Annapolis I was conducted to the Governor’s house by the Secretary of State and Mr. Harwood, and very hospitably entertained by his Steward. On leaving there the heat was excessive and my pains having been revived at night at Alexandria by a fresh cold taken during the day, my feelings were anything but comfortable. I am better today. I reached here this morning, and was delighted to receive your letter. I have taken the first opportunity that has offered since my arrival to. . . .

R. E. Lee



Transcription based on dealer’s catalog.