<br /> Lee Letter: c017

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Annette Carter

I shall want so much to see you tonight my beautiful Annette, for I know how sweet you will look, and of all those that will see you, none will appreciate the happiness as much as I would. I have told Custis to look at you well for me and to tell me all about you. I was so sorry I could not see you as I came through Washington Thursday. But you must call on your way home, and tell me all about the wedding, and how Miss Rosalie and Cousin Tent deported themselves, and I will tell you all about May Childe and her man. You know she is a brave little woman. I wish very much I could go down today; I do not think I would take up much space, or be much in the way, but your cousin M – won’t let me go. You must remember me to your Uncle and Aunt and all around you, and give Miss May a kiss for me.

R. E. Lee



Transcription based on dealer’s catalog.