<br /> Lee Letter: c019

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles H. Carter

The papers of last night gave us the first information of the terrible misfortune that has befallen you, nor had we before any intimation that it was even impending. Our grief for your distress was not lessened by the shock to our own feelings. We deeply sympathize with you and fully appreciate your irreparable loss. None could have a higher esteem or sincere affection for your dear wife than ourselves. As her loss is so painful to us we know how agonizing it is to you. I wish I could give you any consolation. She however is free from care and pain and at peace in heaven. God grant that we may all meet her there and that you and your sweet children may mutually comfort each other in your great distress. I arrived here before New Years, when I was ordered on duty. We are all well and all join in much love to yourself and children. Can’t you bring them up to see us. . . .

<R. E. Lee>



Transcription based on dealer’s catalog. The closing and signature have been clipped.