<br /> Lee Letter: c020

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles H. Carter

From my position and duty as an officer of the Army, it will be impossible for me properly to perform the duties or attend to the trusts delegated to me jointly with Charles H. Carter, by the last will and testament of my uncle Bernard M. Carter formerly of Virginia dated 9 June 1840. The interests of the parties concerned therefore requires that I should decline the office of joint executor and trustee which I hereby renounce.

R. E. Lee

I enclose my letter of renunciation as joint executor and trustee, in which I have desired to embody my reasons for declining lest I might be thought to have been governed by a wish to save myself trouble, &c. From the almost filial affection with which I have always regarded your dear father, I would have most cheerfully have undertaken the trust did I not conscientiously believe that the interests of his children required my declining. The whole matter now devolves on you, the best qualified as well as the most proper person to undertake it. I trust that your success in the management of the property may be equal to your wishes and anxiety concerning it.

R. E. Lee



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