<br /> Lee Letter: g102

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Jefferson Davis

His Excy. Presdt. Davis,

Telegram of 19th received. Am fully alive to importance of concentration and being near base. The latter consideration may impel me to fall back eventually. Will do so at once if deemed best. My letters gave you my views. The troops promised will be advantageous in either event. I have posted Breckenridge at Junction to guard communication, whence he can speedily return to Valley if necessary. His Infantry numbers twenty-four hundred

(Sgd) R E Lee Genl

[Endorsed] Telegram in cipher from Genl R E Lee Spottsylvania C.H. May 20, 1864


W. J. De Renne Collection
Wormsloe, Chatham County, Georgia (1914)

Printed in Douglas Southall Freeman, Lee’s Dispatches, Dispatch No. 102.