<br /> Lee Letter: g160

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Jefferson Davis

Mr. President,

Since we began to use the Weldon RR, we have been endeavouring to accumulate a reserve of corn at this place, in case the road should be again cut. But since we have brought away the supplies that accumulated at Weldon, Gaston & Wilmington during the interruption of traffic on the road, it has been found that we cannot get more than sufficient for daily consumption, and sometimes not enough for that, thus making it necessary, to entrench upon the small reserve of four or five days that we have on hand. The reason of this state of things is that corn is not brought in sufficient quantities from the south to Weldon, Gaston & Wilmington, the points with which the Weldon R.R. communicates. I hope it is being brought by the Danville & Piedmont roads to Richmond and that it is being accumulated there in sufficient quantities to serve the army in case of a renewal of the interruption of our roads. But I think that if possible, it should be brought from the south by the Weldon road also, as it is capable of aiding in the required accumulation, and we cannot tell how soon it may be needed. Commissary stores exceeding our wants are now coming to this point & being forwarded to Richmond, but I think it would be advisable to make arrangements to place a sufficient supply of corn at the points above indicated to enable us to draw from them to the extent of the capacity of the road, without at the same time relaxing in any degree the efforts to bring it to Richmond by the Danville Road. I dislike to add to the troubles and labors of your Excellency, but deem this subject sufficiently important to be brought directly to your attention. With great respect

Your obt servt

R. E. Lee Genl.


W. J. De Renne CollectionWormsloe, Chatham County, Georgia (1914)

Printed in Douglas Southall Freeman, Lee’s Dispatches, Dispatch No. 160.