<br /> Lee Letter: n4

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee


You are to proceed to Fredericksburgh, where you are to remain for the
reception of the Draughts for the Regiment. You are to take their
names, size, complexion, age, country, and former employment; and the
Officers names who deliver them: specifying the number you receive from
each Officer; to whom you are to give a receipt for them. You must not
receive any that are subject to fits, or that have ulcers or old sores
on their legs, or any other disease that renders them incapable of
service. Nor that are under five feet four inches high; unless active
and well-built. You are to order them up here in parties as they are;
and to transmit me, by the commanding Officer of each of the parties,
an exact muster-roll of his command. You are to give the Officers of
these commands, orders to be particularly careful, and to use every
precaution to prevent desertion.

You are to procure provisions for them upon the best terms you can, and see
they are properly supplied: They are to get nothing but provisions,
’till their arrival here; when they will receive necessaries of every

You are to continue at Fredericksburgh, to march up the last of them
ordered to rendezvous at that place, unless you shall receive a

You are to keep exact copies of the receipt you give for the Draughts: and
endeavour to give these men a favourable opinion of the way of life
they are entered upon, by treating them with kindness and humanity, the
most effectual means of removing those strange prejudices which the
common people have in general against it.

If any of them shou’d desert, you are to write to the commanding Officer of
the county whence they came, informing him of it; and begging his aid
in apprehending and sending them to the Regiment.