<br /> Lee Letter: n5

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

If this letter should (though I do not see any probable chance
that it will,) reach your hands in time, it is to ask, if you do not
think it necessary, that the deputies from this colony should be
furnished with authentic lists of the exports and imports annually,
more especially to and from Great Britain; and, in that case, to beg of
you to obtain such from the customhouse officers on the Potomac and
Rappahannock. I have desired the speaker, if he should think it
expedient, and might not have thought of it, to do the same from the
York, and James River offices.

I have got an account (though not a certified one,) from Mr. Wythe, of our
number of taxables in 1770, since increased (Archy Carey says) to
10,000, as would have appeared by the list which would have been
returned in May, if the session had gone on.

I am, &c.

P.S. If you should travel to Philadelphia by land I should be glad of your
company. Mr. Henry2 is to be at my house on
his way Tuesday the thirtieth instant.3


1 Delegate to the Continental Congress; Signer of the Declaration of
Independence. In June, 1776, on instructions from the Virginia
Legislature, he moved the Resolution of Independence.

2 Patrick Henry.

3 The text is from Ford.