<br /> Lee Letter: n9

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

I mean but to acknowledge the receipt of your obliging favour of
the 22d ultimo; for, as I expect this letter will be handed to you in
Philadelphia, to recite the contents of my letter to the Congress would
be little more than idle repetition. I should be very glad if the
Congress would, without delay, appoint some mode by which an
examination into the captures made by our armed vessels may be had, as
we are rather groping in the dark till this happens.

I sincerely condole with you on the loss of our good old
Speaker1 and, with respectful
compliments to the good family you are in, your brother,
&c., I remain, etc.

P.S. Tell Doctor W. Shippen2 that I was in hopes
that his business would have permitted him to come here Director of the
Hospital. Advices from England would be very agreeable; we have none


1 Peyton Randolph.

2 Dr. William Shippen, Jr., of Pennsylvania. He became chief physician of the
Flying Camp July 15, 1776, and director general of the Continental
Hospital Apr. 11, 1777.