<br /> Lee Letter: n34

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

Your last favour, by the purport of it, (having no date) as
also one or two others, at different periods, have come safe to my
hands; and went unacknowledged from the hurried and distressed state of
our affairs, and from the knowledge I had, that every occurence, worth
noticing, came regularly to you in my letters to Congress. I thank you,
Sir, for the mention of Colonel Heartley,1
and finding, upon inquiry, that he is worthy of a regiment, I have sent
him orders to raise one immediately. I shall, also, enclose Waffendall
Kendall’s2 letter to some officer to the
southward, that his merit and services may not go unnoticed. My letters
to Congress, containing everything of a public nature that I could
communicate in this, renders it unnecessary for me to add more than my
compliments to our friends; my thanks for your kind wishes; and

that I am, with affectionate regard, etc.3


1 Col. Thomas Hartley.

2 Lieutenant in the Fifth Virginia Regiment, Kendall was promoted to captain
in April, 1777.

3 The text is from Memoir of the Life of Richard Henry Lee
and His Correspondence
, vol. 2 (Philadelphia: 1825).