<br /> Lee Letter: n36

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

I am anxious to know whether General Arnold’s non-promotion was
owing to accident or design; and the cause of it. Surely a more active,
a more spirited, and sensible officer, fills no department in your
army. Not seeing him then in the list of major generals, and no mention
made of him, has given me uneasiness, as it is not to be presumed
(being the oldest brigadier) that he will continue in service under
such a slight. I imagine you will lose two or three other very good
officers, by promoting your’s, or any one’s, over them.

My public letters will give you the state of matters in this quarter,
and my anxiety to be informed of the reason of Arnold’s
non-promotion, gives you the trouble of this letter, being, very
sincerely, etc.1


1 The text is from Memoirs of Richard Henry Lee and His
, vol. 2.